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Visual Artists

Our shows are juried. Artists apply through Zapplication.  For direct links go to the  "Links" section of this web site.  If links are not available, the deadline has past.  Deadlines are generally at least five months prior to the show.

Authors Tent Rough.png


Authors are artists too.  We include an authors section in our Palmer Park, Ferndale and Ann Arbor events. For information about participating go to



Our art fairs focus on the visual arts and we do not have stages.  A few musicians are invited to participate as buskers- meaning that they play at the show and sell cds or take tips.  We have no music budget- our revenue goes to supporting the visual artists. If you are interested in busking please email us, including links to your music and a short description.


Food Vendors

We have opportunities for  all kinds of food producers.  Food trucks, small batch makers, and more. Let us know which shows interest you.




We work with many independent contractors each year. Some for specific tasks at one show, others assist us with many or all of the events.  If you have expertise in events, arts, or other related fields and are interested in contract work, please let us know by sending an email to



Does your company provide services for events?We contract for tents, stages, furniture, potty and more. While we do have great regular contractors, we consider other organizations. Please send you info and a link to your web site to:

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