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Selecting & Applying to Art Fairs

 January 28, 2024 • 2:00pm at the Scarab Club

Avoid wasting a weekend and booth fee by participating in the wrong event.  If it's great for someone else it does not mean it will be great for you.  


This workshop will help artists understand how juried art fairs work.  We will give you suggestions and hints about how to determine which shows might be the best fit for your work.  The second half focuses on the things that you can do to prepare your application for success. Something as simple as your booth shot could rule you out – or get you invited. 


The goal?   Build a schedule that works for you. 



Mark Loeb, President of Integrity Shows has been producing events for forty years.  


Anthony Brass is a successful art fair artist who has been on the circuit for 6 years.  He has made his share of mistakes. 

Suggested fee $25 -  Pay What You Can - All fees go to the presenters.

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