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Case Studies - Available Services

Everyone has strengths as well as areas that they could use a little support.  We love meeting with cities and organizations to help them determine where they could use some help.  Everything from planning an event to assure it meets your goals to staffing and set-up. 

We have a network of individuals and organizations that we can mobilize depending on your needs.  If you need sponsors, we can help.  If you don't need crew from us to set up the show, that's fine- you won't pay for what you don't need.


We visualize ourselves as the mortar between the stones.  We fill in where needed to strengthen your wall.

Click here for a partial list of current and recent projects.

Case Study: Bringing in people to support your community

Ferndale, Michigan is a progressive town with strong businesses and few vacancies.  As in many communities, there is an ongoing challenge to maintain retail diversity downtown.  Restaurants dominate the streetscape.


Residents love the locally owned shops and galleries.  People from throughout the region come to Ferndale expecting edgier and alternative shops.


Integrity worked with community organizations to create an art fair that would not only help businesses to have a successful weekend, but also bring in a population that would come back again and again throughout the year.

Case Study: Showcase your assets, review and update

Jefferson and Chalmers is still a challenged Detroit neighborhood.  Areas of prosperty and others of decay all border this historic intersection.   Jazzin' on Jefferson celebrated the historical heritage and the diverse culture.


The event is modified each year to reflect the current realities.  Originally it was enough to get people to join together on the streets.  As redevelopment continued the focus became less on the event, and more on the opportunites to live and invest in the area.  This year the event goes by Jazzin at the Vanity to focus on a redevelopment project in the area.


Developers introduced to the area through the festival have purchased and upgraded buildings adding shops and apartments.  Each year the festival is re-evaluated to assure that it meets the current goals

Case Study: Re-establishing an event. The best of the old with a fresh approach.

In the 1970's and 80's Palmer Park was a Detroit showcase.  A fabulous art fair in a serene park.  Concerns for safety and a changing demographics combined to cancel the event.  Thirty years later the park and city have significantly recovered.


Our challenge is to honor the previous event and it's supporters while being relevant to the current population and arts climate.  We've kept some of the traditional aspects, such as  artist made limited edition posters and a focus on the natural aspects of the park.  Additionally we have worked to include more demonstrations - important for an audience that no longer has arts education as part of their curriculum.

Case Study: More is sometimes too much

The Royal Oak Chamber of Commerce has been producing this fair for twenty years.  Fifteen years ago they contracted Integrity Shows to help keep it relevant.  It's not the biggest in the city, but it could be considered the most successful.  It continues to evolve, with a new name and more demonstrations the project remains vital and relevant.


Every decision is made with consideration for local businesses. The festival layout encourages attendees to visit shops.  The limited food options help to support the restaurants.    Instead of directly competing with hundreds of other events, having a focused event stands out in a competitive market.  By limiting the size, focusing on local restaurants, and encouraging stores to use their sidewalk space, the event enhances business instead of blocking it up.

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