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Integrity Shows and Partners Present:
Artists Career Series

About the Artists Career Series

Integrity Shows co-founded Mint Artists Guild in 2016 as a resource for young artists exploring career possibilities.  From the start we had adult artists asking if they could sit in on the Mint sessions.  It was clear that adult artists also could benefit from more information!

From the start we have worked with the Scarab Club, a historic artists organization in downtown Detroit.  This beautiful venue is open to the public with galleries, small concerts and more.  It's a tranquil contemplative spot right behind the DIA

Artists in all career stages have attended these sessions, most indicating that they have received beneficial information and suggestions.   We work with experienced artists to lead the sessions. If you would like to suggest a session please go to There you can offer to help or sign up for sessions.

There is a flexible fee to attend. All money is shared by the presenters.  After all if we want artists to be successful, they need to be paid for their work.

Selecting Shows & Applying-  January 28, 2024

Learn how to choose shows that are likely to be successful for you. Discuss how to prepare your application for acceptance.

Branding & Social Media- February 25, 2024

Social Media Image_edited.jpg

Want to strengthen your social media presence? This one is for you.  Select which platforms work best for artists, and how to use them.

Preparing for the Big Show-  March 24, 2024

Do you have everything you need for the upcoming show season?  Let's talk about checklists, timelines and other tools likely to drive your success.

Pricing Your Art to Sell- April 28, 2024

Many artists leave money on the table by setting prices low.  Others may lose out by pricing high.  We will explore a few ways that artists set prices.

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