Telling Your Story Part 3

More follow up tales from participants

Building Your Brand

We all have brands- the words and images that describe us. Take control so what people see is what you want them to.

Camera Phone Video- Interviewing

Discussions and Interviews

Selling Art Online

A review of some online website platforms you can use to make a site in a day.
Compare the strengths of ETSY, web sites, Facebook stores and others.

Camera Phone Video- Demonstrations

Show your techniques and processes online.

Telling Your Story Part 2

Listen as some of the participants share their stories

Camera Phone Video for Virtual Art Fairs

More on video

Photographing Your Art

How to make your art look better for jury shows, online sales and other uses.
Simple free photo tools for adjusting light and contracts without changing your images.

Branding Part Two

Your brand your way

Telling Your Story

Using your story to make sales, create connections and find advocates.

Artist Statements

Artists Statements are used in many ways. Shows and galleries often want these both to determine if you are a good fit and also to share with possible buyers.

Phone Camera Video to Create a Studio Tour

Learn to use your cell phone camera to create and edit simple videos. Create a studio tour to help with your sales and to use in promoting your shows.

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