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Below is information about some of our past workshops.  New workshops will be posted here as they are scheduled.

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Fellowships and Retreats- Tricks & Trips

Get paid to do your art?  Thousands of artists have received money, housing and more from organizations that believe in artists.  Tips on finding opportunities and applying.

Choosing & Applying to Art Fairs

Successful artists and jurors give pointers on how to get your work accepted in major fairs.

Pricing Your Art to Sell

Price too high and it might not sell.  Price too low and it’s hard to make a living.  Featuring artist Dorothy Jett-Carter.

Preparing For A Big Event

This workshop is designed to help you get ready for a major show or art fair.  Featuring artist Judy Bowman.

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Social Media For Artists

Yes, people do sell work online.  Just as importantly, many artists are able to build their collector base and bring buyers to events.  Featuring promotions expert Eve Doster and artist entrepreneur Kelly O'Neil.

Getting into Galleries & Exhibitions

Suggestions from gallery directors & curators on how to get started and what to expect.

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